GTalk Invisible Mode  

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GTalk and GMail chat has a feature Invisible Mode, where we can't see a user who is invisible. I would like to suggest a feature for GTalk and GMail Chat.

There should be a feature where if one of my friends is Invisible, then I should have an option to remain invisible to him/her also and visible to all others.

The feature could be something like - Invisible to Invisibles

and with in this feature an advance feature could be that invisible to certain few or visible to certain few only.

Image Swirl  

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Google Image Swirl organizes image search results based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface.
More information at:

Google Goggles  

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Another Google Product, currently in Google Labs. It let users to search using pictures from camera phone and use pictures to search the web.
More information at:

People Hopper  

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People Hopper in an apps for Orkut. This is still in Google Labs. You can try this App at this time and it seems to be very interesting. Try it out at:
People Hopper is a new application for Orkut that lets you take your profile image and 'morph' it into your friend's–using publicly available images from other Orkut users along the way. It is a fun app that also allows you to make new connections–since the images that show in your Hopper all come from people who have chosen to make their profiles public, you can click through to learn more about them and reach out to them. You can also morph one friend into another. No computer graphics are used to generate the path.

Google Buzz  

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I just opened my GMail inbox and there it was Google Buzz. A link just below the Inbox.
It seems to be a cool feature for your updates. Better than status messages shown in your status bar..
Try it out at:

Blod Italics Strike in GMail Chat  

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While chatting in GMail, you could format your chat message as Bold, Italics or Strike.
*Text* for Bold i.e. put * before and after Text
_Text_ for Italics i.e. put _ before and after Text
-Text- for Strike i.e. put - before and after Text

Google Dashboard  

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I was just surfing within Google and found the Google Dashbaord at:
It has all the information About Me associated with the various Google Services I use. Well you can find a summary here of the various services you are using that are associated with Google and in a way can control your Google Account information, profiles etc.